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Established in 2009, Sacred Doors is a healing and meditation center for the achievement of wholeness of body, mind and spirit drawing from all traditions and resources available in our community and beyond.

Sacred Doors specializes in body cleansing and detoxification, Ionic foot bath detox and the natural medicine of infrared sauna technology. To contact us, or to schedule an appointment, please call 203-727-8685 or via email at EnergyFlow01@gmail.com.

A Message from Jothi Samadhi Sandra
It was a pleasure and a labor of love to have journeyed to the creation, or as I like to put it, to the awakening of Sacred Doors, LLC. Sacred Doors longed for birth – or as my dear friend and a mentor Dhyan Vimal would say, “The time demands it.”
 We have been actively serving an international community since 2009 and we will keep on going!

We’re experiencing many changes on a global level that are manifesting in our natural and social environments: increased pollution levels, atmospheric ozone depletion, a dramatic global increase in CO2 levels (the warming effect), and a world-wide financial crisis. The accelerated global communications that have bridged us, and yet, a great distance is occurring at the family and community levels. We are next to each other but yet far, consumed in separation through technical devices.

The Christian community has called for “Spiritual Combat” with their most magnificent, time-honored tool – LOVE.  As Joyce Meyer said, “Put on love, put on kindness.” Buddhists, Hindus, the Jewish communities, all Tribal Nations, New 
Age spiritual movements and all others in the care of the Spirit, are 
very aware of this particularly ominous crossroads in mankind’s spiritual evolution. We have entered into a new era, where a demand to communicate with our
hearts is more urgent than ever, in order to reveal our collective
connectivity with each other, and experience the bliss of
unconditional love in a world of non-violence, that not only can, but MUST come to be, in order for the human race to step into its next level of evolution. We have entered where mankind cannot help but to see the other as a friend, where we become true friends to mankind.

I am making my small contribution to our voyage toward a gentle,
loving and respectful world, where we will all see and honor each 
others’ uniqueness and grace. A world full of abundance for each and every living being on our planet. A world where hunger, war and violence are confined to the pages of history. I have assembled some of the finest and most powerful tools handed down by our ancestors; gifts of the spirit to mankind to promote, guide and support all those who seek to enter their sacred door towards wholeness and well-being, to bloom into the regal beings we are meant to become.

Sacred Doors has been certified by the Dhyan Vimal School of Mastery in the USA.

57be_0d64Master Dyhan Vimal
Dhyan Vimal is a renowned international speaker, founder of The Four Disciplines, founder and chairman of Friends to Mankind, entrepreneur and writer on subject matters of business and philosophy. His revolutionary work includes insights into the body intelligence, the nature of the mind, human relationships, bringing about positive change in corporations, individuals and the society at large. The focus of his work explores the science of transformation through inward revolution leading to organic growth. His work also revolves around having the ability to write your own future consciously and deliberately by living in love and compassion as its core, without giving up the total dynamism and grandness of being a human being.

To learn more about Master Dyhan Vimal and the DV School of Mastery and Friends to Mankind,
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