the-secret-power-of-meditationMastery Meditation – Only in synchronicity between the inner and the outer, can transformation happen. We often struggle feeling incapacitated or ‘split’, where the heart wants something and the body is not in cooperation with it, and vice versa.

Mastery Meditation is a purely scientific meditation technique that guides you step-by-step to organically move into the state of synchronicity. When you participate totally in the meditation, you will find that your body, mind, feelings and being all come into order. From this whole state, your capacity to act and live in the way you choose is given birth to, effortlessly.

Sponsored by Sacred Doors and Friends to Mankind and Dhyan Vimal School of Mastery  /

Join us every Thursday night 7:30 – 8:30pm for Open Meditation
Intro to Simirthi – Simirthi is a Sanskrit word that means – self-remembrance. It is a process of sitting in rest and remembering one’s self. The discipline is an essential effort of an individual who consciously decides to participate in their personal growth. It is an invitation to remember who we really are.
Cost: suggested donation of $10.00 appreciated