Let us share with you testimonials from our clientele.

“Sacred Doors has been the center of my “healthier me” mentality. The Infrared Sauna has done wonders for me – even my skin looks and feels healthier – and I feel better than I have in years.” -JB

“It is amazing what the Ionic Footbath reveals about my health. I was skeptical at first, but Sacred Doors has shown me the benefits and what works best for me. My overall health is much improved and I have more energy – I don’t feel run down anymore.” -PT

“The meditation workshop was wonderful! I was a true beginner and this was the perfect class for me. I totally got the concept of finding inner balance with my mind and body and how I should control my breathing. I cannot wait for the next workshop – thank you!” -LK

“Jothi is amazing. She has given me such insight to my own body and has helped guide me to becoming a healthier – and happier – person. I cannot express in words what this has done for me.” -RM

“I have suffered from arthritis for many years. I learned about Jothi and the infrared sauna from a friend through a friend. After meeting with Jothi I had a better understanding of how the infrared sauna helps the body. After taking several sauna treatments, I have to say my joints feel better. Note that I still have aches and pains and the arthritis will never go away, however it seems to be helping me and I am noticing more relief and less intense pain. It has made my quality of life much better. Thank you Jothi :) .” -BD

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