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    Upcoming Programs & Events

    Every Wednesday night 7:30 – 8:30 pm – Join us for Intro to Simirthi meditation class. Simirthi is a Sanskrit word that means – self-remembrance. It is a process of sitting in rest and remembering one’s self. The discipline is an essential effort of an individual who consciously decides to participate in their personal growth. It is an invitation to remember who we really are. (For more information click here.)
    Cost: suggested donation of $10

    Recapitulation Workshop – Second Sunday of every month:  1 pm – 5:00 pm
    Moving from old trauma to joy. This workshop is based on the work of Enlighten Master Dhyan Vimal
    We start with breath work, and watch a series of videos where the participant gains deeper understanding of the correct view over himself /herself untouched by the past. We enter an individual recapitulation with the knowledge of what happened to us that we were not ready for ,and letting it move through and last we celebrate our joy of being.
    RSVP please. Cost $50

    Movie Night – First Saturday night of month –  7pm till movie ends.
    May movie: Documentary on understanding water beyond the common understanding.
    RSVP A MUST! Cost $5, and bring your snacks.

    Intro to Family Meditation – Every Third Sunday of the month 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
    (geared to children and teens) Introducing families to meditation and breath work.  Bring a pillow and a matt or large towels. RSVP A MUST.
    Cost: $10 adults; $5 per child

    Discussion on “What is Love” by DV – Every Third Friday of the month – 7:30-8:30 PM
    What Is Love? “I hope you find love in your life, I hope. I can only hope. I hope your heart beats in love. I hope in this life you enter the love of the total, the love of the universe. I hope, in that you dissolve. In that you disappear. In that you come back home. And you would say, I am that which I always wanted to be.” … Master Dhyan Vimal. First published in 2006, What is Love? has since become a favourite amongst friends, students and disciples. Now being made available as a e-book, we trust it will serve to introduce more readers to what Master stands for and what his has to offer humanity at large.
    Free E-Book Download English Version https://www.dhyanvimal.com/books/
    RSVP A MUST.  Cost: Donations appreciated

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